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Semi Random Blurt #04

It isn’t the size that matters, it’s the quality.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system let’s get serious. I’ve been thinking about the critique some games have gotten from the fact that their avarege play/completion time is short. Games that come to mind are “The Order 1886”, which was ridiculed for its 5 houres of play time. But I don’t really see the problem here. Why would should a game get a lower score just from being short? Well they don’t is the answere (I think at least (might be wrong)).

As I remember it, back in the middel of the 00s, many of the big action and FPS games that came out were often under 10 houres long. Most could be completed the same day you bought them. But as I also remember it, no one really seemed to point out this fact or care. So why did “everyone” go bananas when “The Order 1886” was only 5 hours? One of the reasons could be the price, that a game being sold for full price should at least be X hours long. But I don’t really think time has ever been the issue, it is rather the lack of enjoyment that is the problem. Had “The Order 1886″‘s 5 hours been mindblowingly good, no one would have cared, instead it would have been raised to the sky like Simba and been hailed as a beacon of light, that quality is always more important then quantity. However, we got neither and therfore everyone got pissed.



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Semi random blurt #02

The day before yesterday, while minding my own business, I died a little on the inside from panic.

The incident occurred just half an hour before I was supposed to be at work. Before it happened everything was just normal. I was in a good mood, the cereals had been just the right amount of crunchy and I had a few minutes to just lie around before heading off to work. So to indulge in the laying around I decided to play some games on my phone, which was when the ball dropped.

I am sure that my whole being stopped for a few seconds, when I saw that my credit card was missing from the phone case. With eyes wide open I just starred at the “pocket” which was lacking in credit cards, my mind blank except for a building wail of terror, doom and panic.

When the wail finally took over my mind I started to realize all the problems this would cause.

  1. I didn’t have any cash on me nor could I take out some. My economical power would be zero if the card was gone.
  2. I didn’t have anything to eat at work and my plan was to buy something during lunch, which if we look to point 1 was impossible.
  3. If someone had stolen it I would probably be a lot poorer and I also wasn’t sure about where to call to “block”(?(there must be a better word/term for this)) the card from further usage.
  4. I needed to come up with a solution to all of these within 20 minutes.



Found on the interwebs, not my own creation

Shit hit the fan

Luckily I didn’t give in to panic… not totally at least. (I might have cried on the inside a little)

I managed to retread my steps from the day before and figure out where my credit card could have gone missing, a la Sherlock Holmes. Then I did a quick recon of the fridge and found some food for lunch, in case of card being lost forever. With some back up food and self calming I threw myself in to the car and raced to the only place where I could have logically lost it, the grocery store!

As you might have guessed, I got it back and even got to work on time. In the end, everything turned out better than expected.

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Semi random blurt #01

When bored or just going about my everyday life I often whistle. It brightens, not just my mood, but the mood in the room/space I find myself in at the moment. So when in doubt, whistle. When I whistle it is most often this melody:

that pops up in to my head and makes it way out through my pursed lips.

It makes everything more enduring and more light hearted, my troubles just disappear (not really, but it feels like it). But I don’t always whistle the “Andy Griffith Show” them song (that’s what’s it called apparently, but for me it will always be Molly’s’ tune (Long live Scrubs)). I have another tune I often whistle and that tune is what made me write this post.

The reason is that I just a few days ago started questioning where it came from, I had always whistle that tune, it was my default tune, the most basic of tunes, it was the essences of my whistling and I couldn’t figure out if it was a melody created by myself or if I was something already in existence. It bothered me. If it was a tune of my own creation, I certainly had to write it down since it was so easy going and relaxing, but if it wasn’t I needed to know where it came from. What finally made me realize the songs origin, very appropriately so, was a few raindrops falling upon me.

It was the beginning of the “Singing in the Rain” song (specifically the part between 0:47-0:55, I just keep looping that part). So with some disappointment I realized I would not be the creator of catchy tune (as of yet) but it gave me a new head scratcher. Why is my default tune the beginning of “Singing in the Rain”? I’ve never seen the movie, nor have I ever heard the original performance of the song, at least that I know of… quite the mystery.

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