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Board game tip #2

Sometimes you might only have a few minutes to play a game. Sometimes you would like to play a game where “real life” knowledge is what mainly decides the winner. Then do I have a game for you 😉

The game I am talking about is Timeline, which can be played by 3 – 8+ players. The higher the amount of players, the harder it gets (kind of). So what is it all about, well the goal is simple. At the start of the game each player is dealt four cards and the first one to get rid of all their cards win. On their turn the active player plays one of their cards and then the turn is passed on. Simple and elegant.

What makes this interesting is that you cannot play your cards however you choose, you must play them so it creates a Timeline. Each card depictes an invention, event, discovery or other important historical thingies. One card could be the discovery of America, another might be the invetion of the lightbulb.

When the game begins a singel card is placed in the timeline, the first player chooses one of their cards and places it either before or after the start card and checks if he/she placed it right in comparsion to the first card. If the player placed it right, it stays in the timeline and the player is one step closer to victory, If placed wrongly, the card is discarded and the player gets a new card. As the game continues, the timeline just grows and it gets harder and harder to place cards right since they must be placed so that they are right on the timeline according to all the other cards.

Takes about 15-30 minutes to play and is very casual. It is also a great game since everyone can play it and people like games where they can show off their cunning.


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