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Name that Chili

As I have mentioned before, I work in a store that sell flowers. We sell many kinds of plants and flowers and the assortment of products is constantly changing according to the season, with a few exceptions. Since we have so many different plants and flowers, I have not been abel to learn the name of all of them, I know the most populare ones, those I should know.

This is sometimes a problem, when customers during the checkout askes me what the name of the plant is. Since I have no clue I just feel ashamed and instead try to steer the conversation in another direction. Well today we got a new typ of chili plant and I can say right now: “I will never forget the name of it.”

My colleague showed it to me and said he had contacted the suppliers and asked them if there had been a mistake. Apparently, no mistake had been made… they just named it like that because of the apparence of the chili.

It isn't wrong... but still

Well it does have some semblance to one… but still.


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Spooky stuff

Last night I had a dream. In it I went to the grocery store and as I came to the check out and was about to pay, my mind went blank. I snapped out of it when the cashier asked me to input my code. But I could not. I just stood there and had some numbers that were not correct floating around in my head. I started to cry and ran from there without my groceries and tried to call home but I could not remember the number, then I woke up. But the most scary part was that when I was awake I still could not remember my own phone number, which is normaly so ingrained in my brain that I can say it at any moment, no matter what I do. Even when I was finaly abel to “remember” it, it was not the right number, it was almost the right number. So I had to check in my phone what the actual number was.

It was spooky and mind tearing.

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Slang is quiet interesting. How words within a language can be created and “only” exist in a certain geographical area or within a certain group of people, based on their profession or social status. It is fascinating that the language can be “changed” like that to suite local needs. It enriches a language and it is fun to delve into the origin of slang words, since it can sometimes teach you a lot about notions that might have been or are still present in society.

It can also be confusing. Very. Confusing.

As an outsider you might feel completly alienated when everyone around you start using slang words wich you are not familiar with. Especially the words that you cannot figure out just from the context of the rest of the conversation.

I have had a few experiences like that, where I found my self completly lost on what people were talking about. The most recent one was when people were talking about meeting up in the “Bamba”. I could not understand or guess what they were talking about. At first I thought they might be refeering to a place in town that was called “Bamba”. Then I wondered if they just used a very weird nickname for the library (in my language library is called “Bibliotek”). Even though I could have just asked one of them what “Bamba” was, I did not. But I was afraid of makeing myself look like a fool since I figured out I was the only person in the group who did not know what “Bamba” was. Instead I just went with the flow. It was about two weeks later that someone told me when I had gathered the courage to ask about “Bamba” that I was told it was slang for the school cafeteria. Oh how emberessed I felt.

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Super dog!!!

Once again, a story from the store I work at (a lot of things has happend there recantly)

It was in the early morning. The weather was cold and harsh. A woman comes walking with her dog towards the store. She decides to not bring the dog in to the store and instead ties it to a small lampost, about one and a half meter high (about five feet). A sturdy lampost.

But the second she enters the store through our sliding doors a loud bang is heard from outside and the dog whines worrily. She turns around as do I to look for the source of this sound. The lamp post had tipped over and was now on the ground.

I can only assume that this dog is the first sign of many that we are entering a new age. An age of super powers. Since this dog, no bigger than a labrador managed to rip a lamp post that was bolted to the ground of its hinges and tip it over. Even parts of the metal base of the lamp post had been bent by this super dog and its super strenght.

It was either that or the lamp post was just very loose. But I prefer the idea that we might have beings with superpowers among us 😉

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The dangers of a flower store

As I have mentioned in a previous post I work in flower store, I mostly do it in the weekends since I am studying at the same time. Today I learend the dangers of working in a store with a stone floor (do not worry I was not the person in pain) (WARNING, some nasty stuff at the end).

In the store part of the store, where we have all the flowers, we have a stone floor. This is good since it does not matter that much if a littel dirt/soil or water gets on the floor, since it is made out of stone, also stone is easy to clean. Dirt and water always ends up on this floor of stone, since it is in a flower store, and flowers need water and they need dirt, so it is not rocket science that some of the water and dirt ends up on the floor. But as stated before, it does not matter that much, since it is stone and stone does not break that easily and water and dirt does not “break”. At least not in the normal sense.

But other things also end up on the floor are vases, ornaments and pots. These things are not made for being dropped on hard surfaces, such as stone. So they often break, which is bad. Not only because it is a loss for us, but also because they splinter and can hurt people. I for one have already hurt my self when cleaning splinters of a fallen pot. Still, nothing actually happens to the stone floor, since it is hard and firm.

I have hurt myself on most things you can hurt yourself on in the store, flowers, papers, pots, bags of dirt. But I have not hurt myself on the stone floor. Well today I got to know how bad you can hurt yourself on it.

As I stood at the counter helping some customers I heard the sound of a wailing child, this is not something complelty new to me, sometimes parents bring theire children with them and the children start fighting which often results in the crying or wailing of a child. So I did no react that much to this sound. But the wailing did not stop and I did not hear any parents telling a child to stop fighting/bullying theire sibling. Still I did not think about it that much. Suddenly, a parent with her child in hand cuts through the queue and places her basket with flowers on the counter and says “I have to leave this her, my son knocked out his theet and is bleeding”. Then I see her son, about four to six years old holding a white napkin to his mouth, It has a warm and deep red growing larg spot on it and is pressed against his upper jaw. Later on, as I am returning the unbought flowers to their shelf, I see a red splotch on the stone floor. The stone floor is hard and solid, much more so then a few milk teeth.

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Role play: Dungeons and Dragons and bad GMs

I am a GM for a DnD campaign. We are using the latest version of DnD, 5 edition/Next. It is actually a quite lovely set of rules. When I picked it up I did not rely know what to excpect from it since a few of my friendes had told my about DnD 3.5, which judging by their stories is broken. Horrendously broken.

Many role playing games often have a few things that are not balanced, but it will not matter most of the time since it might be something the players can not acquire until very high levels and by then everything is unbalanced… which also is not that good now that I think about it.

Anyway what I wanted to write about was a story from another friend. This friend have only role played once and I understand why he has only done it once. Because his GM was frankly put an asshole. This GM, who had role played many times before had gotten the wonderful opportunity to introduce a bunch of people, one of them my friend, to the wonders of role playing. This GM did a few key mistakes which lead to this group of people never wanting to role play again.

The first mistake was to not leting the players play whatever they wanted, which was not that big of a mistake or problem (and yes I would probably also have limited new players in their choices for the first time playing) but this GM did not explain to the group suficantly why they could not play whatever they wanted. Instead he just told them they could not be certain classes wihtout any explanation.

Secondly, he used Eon (3 edition I beilive). This might stirr some hate and anger but from what I have experinced Eon is a very clunky system and it takes ages to just create a character. I am sure that there are good things about Eon, but I would say that it is not good for beginners, since it is very complicated and the start up/set up is very slow for a new group. Also since they randomde moste of the character creation some of the characters became way to overpowered. One of them started with “the best bow in the game” which was used to prevent two of the GM’s encounters. The enemies was killed before the rest of the group could even see them by the character with eagle vision and Bow +5.

Thirdly, the GM played the game as if his group was a very experienced group, AKA hard mode. You should never use hard mode on a group completely made up of beginners since they do not know the power of the GM. And even if you all had agreed on doing hard mode, the GM should still not play the game with hard mode. So what happened was that when nightfall came and the party decided to stop and sleep, the GM asked if they wanted to put anyone on guard duty, which they did not. Now you might be thinking, “AHA, so the GM stole all their equipment or captured them.” No, if he had only been that nice. Instead the GM just stated that since no one was on guard duty the whole party was killed in their sleep and they had to create new charactes.

YOU. DO. NOT. DO. THIS. KIND. OF. THING. AGAINST. BEGINNERS: Heck I would not even do it against a season group of players. What he should have done was to maybe steal some of their equipment and told them not to reapet that or just said that he would let them off the hook this first time, but next time, if they did not have a guard, bad things might happen. And yes, I can understand the value of hard lessons, but this was not a hard lesson, this was just pure unfun punishment and role playing should always be about fun. The GM is supposed to try to mka sure everyone is having a good time.

So the moral of the story is, do not be a stupid asshat. It will make people angry, sad and frustrated.

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