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A “big” problem I face sometimes is when I want to write something, like a short story for example. When I finally sit down to do it, I often feel that I would rather write on something else. Too many ideas. Yes, this is me whining over my lack of focus. And if I just focus I know I can churn out a short story farily quickly, but not only do I often lack in focus. I also have the attention span of a five year old sometimes. But it is getting better. I just need to work on myself some more.

In other news! Someone from my hometown thought it was a good idea to drive a 60 ton truck out on a footbridge made out of wood (with a max capacity of 2 tons, which was written on signs near it). Why? Because his GPS told him to. Sometimes, just sometimes, people should not blindly follow their gadgets.


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What is a door? It is a entrance and divider into certain areas.

Why do we have doors? To have a filter, a gate, a way to stop certain things to enter or leave.

We all have doors.

Sometimes the number of doors grow and sometime they shrink.

We also have keys. Keys are for opening doors.

Every person you met are give a key. Some keys are nothing more than a prop, since they cannot open any doors. But most keys can at least open one or two of your doors.

I have been afraid of giving out keys or giving out keys leading to dead ends or nasty places.

This I regret, profundly. Since it has hurt people dear to me.

Now I am standing here, waiting for those who have been hurt, with a master key in hand.

Ready to entrust it to someone important.

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“So what are we playing for?”

“I don’t know, any suggestions?”

“Yeah… how about life? My life.”

“I could work with that. Since it is your life, you’ll get the honor to begin.”

“A six. Safe for at least one round.”


“Six again! Lucky me.”



“Five, strike one.”




“Six, strike two.”


“Five, strike three. You’re dead”

“Well it was nice playing with you. Can we play again sometime?”

“Maybe… I wouldn’t mind. Try to stay away from me a bit longer this time.”

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