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Chappie: again

Here is a more in depth presentation of my thought of Chappie. If you, the reader, liked District 9, than you should go see this film. If you liked Elysium, than you should go see this film. Chappie has, at least according to me, more similariteis with District 9 than Elysium. Both in tone and feel. So what is this movie about?


It is a tale of parenthood. The basic main plot is that in Johannesburg, the police have started to use robots instead of humans. The robots are extremely efficient and the crime rate have dropped drasticly. The creator of the robots works for a weapons manufacturing company, and his dream is to create real artifical intelligence. Which he succesfully does. This leads to the creation of Chappie, the first robot with real AI. So why is it film about parenthood. This is because some gangster kidnapps the robot creator and takes Chappie from him. A conflict ensues between the creator and the leader of the gannsters concerning how Chappie should be raised.

This conflict is the main attraction of the film to me. To see how Chappie tries to live up to both his “fathers” expectations and also how he is so naive/innocent. Chappie feels like a child, trapped in a destructive family. (Those people that was in charge of Chappies movements and body language should have loads of credits. It looks so good and real)

At the same time, this part might be a weakness, for me it was not, but I can see how people might have wanted more moral dilemma about the fact that they created artifical life/artifical intelligence – that is on par with a human. Of course, their is a kind of moral dilemma, in how Chappies creator want Chappie to be a nice and kind art loving robot. On the other hand Chappie’s dad wants him to be a gangster and use him as a tool that can be thrown away.


So even if the film does not go super deeply into moral dilemmas and such, it is still one amezing ride. No one (that I know of and I do not know a lot) is as skilled in making their sci-fi films feel and look real as Neil Blomkamp (of the people working i film today). Their is some action in the film, but it is spares and when it is used, it is gritty and most excellently executed.


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The latest film from Neill Blomkamp (and all the other folks who made it, they should be in the credits), Chappie.

Was it good: Yes.

Would I watch it a second time: Yes.


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