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In fantasy, games, movies, songs and a lot of other places we find dragons. Dragons are very iconic fantasy creatures that represent an awful amount of stuff which I do not care for writing about. But what I can write about is the different types of dragons that exist, or at least the different types I have “discovered” (and yes, these are generalizations (some special snowflake dragons will probably not fit into any of these categories)).

The “Classic” high fantasy

It is the smart and magical kind. These most often appear in fantasy stories, but also sometimes in legends and folk tales. They are intelligent, but does not always speak and they are magical. With magical I mean that they often have magic powers/can perform magic. Some of these are just magical, in that they might not be killabel unless a magical object is used or are manifestations of magic. They can be both good and evil. Often they are almost like gods in power, or actual gods, in the fiction they exist within or at least major powers equal to a kingdome in might. An example of this kind of dragon is Nicolai Bolas.

The “Humanoid”

These are the dragons that are “just a creature” but have a “human mind”. They might still be able to spew forth flames or water or whatever the author might like. What differentiat these from the previous kind is that they are not magical (well they can be magical but it is not theire defining trait), magic might not even exist in the universe they live in. Why I call this kind “humanoid” is because they are simply just another race, like orcs, elves or dwarfs. Exampels of this kind could be: Temeraire and Smaug.

The “Creature”

It is the dragons that are purley animals/beasts. They are not sentinent, they act on instincts and they do not talk. These dragons are typically not considered evil or good, since they are just another froce of nature, like a bear. These kinds of dragons, I beilive, are not that common in litterature, at least I do not know of many examples. Well that is not completely true. This kind often show up along side the “Classic” type. But then they are often called wyrms or drakes and not considered true dragons. The only example from litterature I can come up with as of writing this post is the dragons in the Harry Potter series.


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So yesterday I had to help my mom look for a movie that she wanted to see. We searched for it everywhere in the house, and searched in the same places over and over and we just could not find it. Which was weird, since DVDs do not sprout legs or wings and just run/fly away. Neither do they randomly teleport or cease to exist.

So after the search I spoke to a friend about the mystical disappearance and he guessed it might have suffered the same fate socks sometimes suffer. But I argued that a DVD is way to big to disappear like that… he countered it with saying that a size 9 sock is also pretty darn big.

Therefore I have concluded that it must be the house gnomes. But house gnomes do not exist you might think. Yeah, I know. But since I have not found a better explanation and will thusly say it is the house gnomes fault. Plus, house gnomes are awesome.

To stop their shenanigans I will construct a fool proof trap and wait them out.

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