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Impressions of: Gardens of the Moon

Friends are people you trust, people that try to be nice to you. Friends are not people that make you read a book that gives you a headache.


Doesn’t it need a few more plants to be a garden?

A friend of mine told me to read this book, he said it was awesome, better than food, that I would either love or hate it (take note here dear readers, this last piece of information is a good indication that something might be iffy with what you are being “sold”).

But he was wrong, oh, so very wrong. I didn’t hate or love it; I just liked it, a 6/10. Now I don’t think it was a bad book, it had moments of brilliance, especially a character introduced later on, called Kruppe, he was fantastic. In fact, many of the characters in this book are interesting and fun to read about, even if we don’t get to know them enough to call them acquaintances. Then where is the problems/lack of excellence that makes it into a 6/10 instead of a 10/10?

There are four main problems in this book, according to me, the first is: What the heck is even happening?!

I am able to find the thread which is this book’s main plot (even though it took a while) fairly easily, but at the same time we get to know about 3-4 other bigger plots, that are on a world level, while the main plot of Gardens of the Moon is on a group/country level. Mostly group. Furthermore, there is the problem of characters acting all “YOLO” and doing whatever they please for seemingly no reason, but to be fair it isn’t very common.

The second problem: Where did that come from and stop pulling things from Uranus!?

When I read this book one of my most common thoughts was “where the hell did that/this come from?”. If I had a dollar for every time I thought that I would have at least 50$, which wouldn’t get me a ticket to the Bahamas, but the next town over and a change of scenery is always nice. However unserious that was this is a real problem I believe. The reader shouldn’t constantly feel like almost anything could jump out behind the next corner, at least not in this kind of book. Had it taken place in a surreal dream world, than by all means, throw crazy at me all the time, but this is a serious, albeit fictional, world with what I guess are strict rules.

Problem number three: Who was that again?

Okay, this one is also one of the strengths of the book and the world but when you are first introduced to this universe it is annoying beyond belief. What am I talking about, I’m talking about names. Everybody and their grandma have about 20+ names which the author decides to switch between now and then. Sometimes it’s used to great effect when you think it is a completely new character we’ve been following but is actually someone we know just going by a different alias. Alas, it can be cool and the world is kind of sort of built around this practice but it is irritating when you have to learn over 9000 names just to follow the basic happenings from one page to the next.

Fourth of the problems: I know nothing about this place!

Right from the outset I understood that this is a grand and complex world that the story will take place in. A bit too grand and complex one might say. This is the mother of all the problems, at least all the ones I have called out. As you read the book, the grandeur of the world slowly dawns on you and you see that there are bigger things at stake and far from every card has touched the table. Big and complex worlds are not bad in and of themselves, but when you as the reader are thrown right into them with little to no explanation it makes your brain fry. It’s overwhelming. Normally you as the reader have a mug that can be filled with new information. This mug can hold about 10-11 ounces of new information, and then you need to drink it and contemplate over it during a sunset in a rocking chair. Sometimes Gardens of the Moon gives you the right amount of information, sometimes it gives you a tsunami.

Even though I have problems with the book I still feel like I should give the next one a chance. However, if that one doesn’t get a good grip on me then I’m out here.


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Information and how to get it

At this moment in time I am doing a “paper”/”study” as my final thingymagingy at our equvilant to collage/univeristy. It is hard work, but not to bad. Even if it is not the most exciting thing to do it is still interesting. What is not interesting nor funny is searching for articles to use. Since you need to have references (apparently, I/me/myself is not a good enough reference). This is not as easy as it may sound. Sure, I have access to queit the amount of articles through the schools library but finding the right articles, that is a completly different beast. Some might think you just start the computer, go to the database and write in the search field what you are looking for. Well let me tell you something, you could not be farther from the truth good sir/lady. If you input what you are actually searching for, you will not get the articles you are looking for. Instead you will finde a myriad of articles about things that might be vaguely related to what you searched for. For example, you searched for “Bananas and health”, to find articles concerning the health effects of bananas. Instead you will be presented with things such as “Children with banana patterned cloth’s health issues from not drinking enough water” or “Health of walrus populations not eating bananan flavoured candy”. Yes these examples are a tad bit exaggerated but not overly so.

But when you finaly find an article that is relvent to your research you will encounter the next obstacle. Because all resulst given by the database’s search engine might not be availabel. To aquire the article you will too often have to resort to very advanced techniques of Google-fu or make deals with russian mobsters. That bothers me a lot, that information gets looked away. Of course, I should not complain too much, since I do have access to a lot of academic research and such through my school. But the information that I can not get I have to pay for, which might not be the biggest problem for me, since I live where I live and have it pretty good. Still, I would rather get it for free. But think about those from other parts of the world, who also have to pay for the school and their school might not be able to afford these databases. Those people have it even worse. So what is my point? Probably that some parts of the academic world is very unfair and sucktastic.

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This post is not that interesting, nor is it satisfying to write. The reason behind this post is that I recently did quick fix on some earlier posts (the ones with the categorie “C”). What I did was fix some small spelling errors and gramatical errors.

I will continue doing fixes like that, since they are small and nothing of the original content was changed or lost. This might be common practice on a few blogs. I do not know, but I just want to be open with what I am doing. So no one will be abel to call me cheater since I am open with my methodes.

But do not worry, you will be abel to finde spelling mistakes and gramatical errors in my old and new posts since I will most likely be to lazy to go through them all. Also, I just realized I might be using categories wrong. I think that I am using them more like tags.

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