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Name that Chili

As I have mentioned before, I work in a store that sell flowers. We sell many kinds of plants and flowers and the assortment of products is constantly changing according to the season, with a few exceptions. Since we have so many different plants and flowers, I have not been abel to learn the name of all of them, I know the most populare ones, those I should know.

This is sometimes a problem, when customers during the checkout askes me what the name of the plant is. Since I have no clue I just feel ashamed and instead try to steer the conversation in another direction. Well today we got a new typ of chili plant and I can say right now: “I will never forget the name of it.”

My colleague showed it to me and said he had contacted the suppliers and asked them if there had been a mistake. Apparently, no mistake had been made… they just named it like that because of the apparence of the chili.

It isn't wrong... but still

Well it does have some semblance to one… but still.


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