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The Weather

The weather in my home country is weird right now. One day it is snowing and is cold like a freezer. The next day it is “warm” outside and all the beautiful snow is turned to “slask” (read slushy (for those of you who might not know what “slask” is)).

Frankly, it is kind of depressing. Since the weathers been so mild (not sure if you say “mild” in english), aka not cold, during the whole winter it has not feelt like we actually had a winter. Its been more of a very prolonged autumn. From which we will go directly to spring. But I want my winter. I want to do wintery stuff, such as: throwing snowballs, building snowmen, be pissed about all the snow, go skiing, look at tiny birds in the snow. But as it is, I cannot do that or at least I cannot plan for it, since the snow might melt whilst I am getting dressed for a day in the snow.

Life is tough sometimes.


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