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Fire Emblem: Awakening (the dating sim)

I have been playing Fire Emblem: Awakening for awhile (still have not finished it). It is a fun strategy game, with interesting characters that you grow to love… and love is the word I have been focusing on lately while playing it.

During battles you can have two characters team up while fighting, to make their attacks stronger and also bolster their defenses. The more two characters team up, the more fond they will become of each other. Each time the “fondness level” between two characters reaches a ceratin point, the support bonus they get from teaming up with each other increases and you as the player is treated with a short dialouge interaction between the two characters. If one character is a female and one is a male you can make them fall in love, which will result in marriage and things.

This game is no longer about a struggle to decide the fate of the world when I play it, it is about me being a puppet master trying to create the perfect couples and seeing love fill the air.


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