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Super dog!!!

Once again, a story from the store I work at (a lot of things has happend there recantly)

It was in the early morning. The weather was cold and harsh. A woman comes walking with her dog towards the store. She decides to not bring the dog in to the store and instead ties it to a small lampost, about one and a half meter high (about five feet). A sturdy lampost.

But the second she enters the store through our sliding doors a loud bang is heard from outside and the dog whines worrily. She turns around as do I to look for the source of this sound. The lamp post had tipped over and was now on the ground.

I can only assume that this dog is the first sign of many that we are entering a new age. An age of super powers. Since this dog, no bigger than a labrador managed to rip a lamp post that was bolted to the ground of its hinges and tip it over. Even parts of the metal base of the lamp post had been bent by this super dog and its super strenght.

It was either that or the lamp post was just very loose. But I prefer the idea that we might have beings with superpowers among us 😉


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