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The dangers of a flower store

As I have mentioned in a previous post I work in flower store, I mostly do it in the weekends since I am studying at the same time. Today I learend the dangers of working in a store with a stone floor (do not worry I was not the person in pain) (WARNING, some nasty stuff at the end).

In the store part of the store, where we have all the flowers, we have a stone floor. This is good since it does not matter that much if a littel dirt/soil or water gets on the floor, since it is made out of stone, also stone is easy to clean. Dirt and water always ends up on this floor of stone, since it is in a flower store, and flowers need water and they need dirt, so it is not rocket science that some of the water and dirt ends up on the floor. But as stated before, it does not matter that much, since it is stone and stone does not break that easily and water and dirt does not “break”. At least not in the normal sense.

But other things also end up on the floor are vases, ornaments and pots. These things are not made for being dropped on hard surfaces, such as stone. So they often break, which is bad. Not only because it is a loss for us, but also because they splinter and can hurt people. I for one have already hurt my self when cleaning splinters of a fallen pot. Still, nothing actually happens to the stone floor, since it is hard and firm.

I have hurt myself on most things you can hurt yourself on in the store, flowers, papers, pots, bags of dirt. But I have not hurt myself on the stone floor. Well today I got to know how bad you can hurt yourself on it.

As I stood at the counter helping some customers I heard the sound of a wailing child, this is not something complelty new to me, sometimes parents bring theire children with them and the children start fighting which often results in the crying or wailing of a child. So I did no react that much to this sound. But the wailing did not stop and I did not hear any parents telling a child to stop fighting/bullying theire sibling. Still I did not think about it that much. Suddenly, a parent with her child in hand cuts through the queue and places her basket with flowers on the counter and says “I have to leave this her, my son knocked out his theet and is bleeding”. Then I see her son, about four to six years old holding a white napkin to his mouth, It has a warm and deep red growing larg spot on it and is pressed against his upper jaw. Later on, as I am returning the unbought flowers to their shelf, I see a red splotch on the stone floor. The stone floor is hard and solid, much more so then a few milk teeth.


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