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Stupid me

I’ve made a few posts that were part of a story I wanted to tell. What I didn’t realize whilst making it was that I should have made a lot of material beforehand, so if something happens it won’t just stop. Therefore I plan to retry it, but this time having many posts already completed so that you, the readers have something to look forward to, plus it gives me a bit more breathing room.


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This post is not that interesting, nor is it satisfying to write. The reason behind this post is that I recently did quick fix on some earlier posts (the ones with the categorie “C”). What I did was fix some small spelling errors and gramatical errors.

I will continue doing fixes like that, since they are small and nothing of the original content was changed or lost. This might be common practice on a few blogs. I do not know, but I just want to be open with what I am doing. So no one will be abel to call me cheater since I am open with my methodes.

But do not worry, you will be abel to finde spelling mistakes and gramatical errors in my old and new posts since I will most likely be to lazy to go through them all. Also, I just realized I might be using categories wrong. I think that I am using them more like tags.

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