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Stupid me

I’ve made a few posts that were part of a story I wanted to tell. What I didn’t realize whilst making it was that I should have made a lot of material beforehand, so if something happens it won’t just stop. Therefore I plan to retry it, but this time having many posts already completed so that you, the readers have something to look forward to, plus it gives me a bit more breathing room.


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A job offer #005

C’s neck and head hurt. She had been sprawled out on the couch in an upside down position since she woke up. Which she thought was three or four hours ago, by vaguely remembering the different shows she had seen. The day had started with C wanting to try things from a new angle, since it had been almost two months and she still had no job, and now she was watching TV upside down. As she turned back to sitting in a more normal position the feeling of phantom needles in her legs and finger tips slowly faded. She remained seated in the sunken in couch until the dizziness went away. Phil had informed her the day before yesterday that she needed to get a job ASAP or he would throw her out. C couldn’t blame him. She was a freeloader as it was.

After the first month of constantly getting a no as the reply to her job applications she surrendered. Since she couldn’t even get a job she didn’t want why even bother, was her train of thought. Once she had thought that particular thought, her quest for a new job had abruptly ended. All attempts from Phil to get C back on the job hunting track was all in vain. C knew this and she knew that it was the reason why she was about to be kicked out. Still, she could hardly care less. She had come to terms with the fact that she was going to become a greaser or rib, sleeping under one of the warm lights. Her compad jingled cheerfully to notify C that she had received a message.


WHAT part of “this is a scam” do you not understand?”

“No, no, no! This is not a scam. I know it looks like scam, but trust me you will get your money back.” C said while trying to sneak past Phil.

“Give back my cash card NOW!” yelled Phil and lounged towards C.

She deftly dodged past him and in the same motion tripped him. When had raced back out of his apartment, he was emptied of all positive emotions as he saw C hung up the wall phone.

“I owe you one.” C said and grinned big.

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Apartment #004

When her compad had been vibrating for what she guessed was 20 minutes she reluctantly left the comfort of the bed. Her cloths felt sticky and sweaty as she rose and walked over to the table, she felt severely unclean.

¤Heard you need a place to sleep. I have some room to spare if you are interested, send me a message if you want to crash her or else I’ll let a greaser move in ; ) Phily¤

Maybe things could work out if the luck continued like this, she thought sending a reply message. She opened the sliding door to her wardrobe and lifted down two boxes. She had hoped not to see them again so soon, the two boxes that was more than enough to contain her life.

When she had finished packing the boxes she threw her dirty clothes in one of them before stepping into the bathroom. Hopefully they had not yet turned off the liquid. She did not fancy the thought of going to Phil’s place, being sticky and stinking. Just because she was on the edge of becoming a rib or greaser did not mean she had to start living like them. She wanted to prolong her clean days as much as possible. The pipes rattled as the cleaning liquid came out. It was lukewarm, as always. C let her mind wander while scrubbing of the last few days’ sweat and dirt.

With a great feat of dexterity C managed to ring the bell to Phil’s apartment without dropping one of her boxes. They were not heavy, but all the more cumbersome.

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Elevator #003

“You know that I would have employed you if this place had been better off.” said Drake.

“I know Drake, you don’t have to repeat it.” C answered tiredly.

“And contact me if you can’t find some other place to sleep.” said Drake as he closed the entrance on her.

C knew she wouldn’t be hearing from Drake for a while. Kind words often came out of his mouth, but actual actions that you would suppose to come with the words spoken were seldom to be found. Outside of the arcade a few ribs were huddled together under a dirty piece of cloth. At the moment in a state of sleep.

Their emaciated faces sent shivers through C as she looked up on them. She had seen too many people ended up like that.

The elevator station was empty at the late hour she arrived. She put five coins in the machine; the sound of the coins disappearing in the depths of the machine was followed with the illumination of buttons. More buttons illuminated for each coin counted by the machine. “Five coins counted, fortunately” she thought before pressing the button numbered 56.

The station looked especially dirty during the morning hours, when only the sickly orange lights of the low numerals were alight. As the elevator climbed above 52 she felt more at home. A few stores had already lit their neon lights. The combination of loud colors soothed her retinas.

As she entered her apartment it dawned on her. How dire the situation actually was. All energy left in her vanished and she stumbled over to the bed for some sleep.

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Evicted #002

C sat alone in the dimly lit arcade at a sticky table. The LED lights on the arcade cabinets shone in neon like colors, painting the interior of the building with a bleak rainbow-puke carpet. A few kids and ribcages still lingered at some of the more popular cabinets, staring with wonder filled eyes and hollow faces at the screens. All of them spending their hard earned coins trying to achieve something as fleeting as a high score, that would be conquered a few days later. C did not look down upon them, she had spent way too much time herself trying to fill her now very empty schedule with the digital worlds presented in every cabinet. Her tag was still in the top ten in every game. She needed a new way to pass her time.

Drake came over to her table and gave C a scratched and dented can filled to the brink with an orange fluid. She looked at it reluctantly. It was a super nova of sweetness which most often left her with persistent headache, but it would be rude to decline. As she contemplated whether to just ignore the drink or at least sip on it a little Drake pulled out a chair and sat down.

“So how’s it going with the job search? Not that I’m bothered with you being here every day. It helps filling my coffers.” Drake said smugly.

“Not great. There are vacant jobs, but not any that are for me.” she answered back.

“Well sometimes you need to lower your standards. The station is always in a need of grease rats.” he said trying to be comforting.

“Yeah but I am no grease rat. I don’t want to crawl around in air ducts like those ribs over there. It is below me!” she spat out angrily.

C’s compad played a single tone and came to life with a bright light piercing the darkness in the room. She had received a message. It was from her landlord. The only word that stuck with her from reading the message was “evicted”.

“As I said, you need to lower your standards.” said Drake.

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A beginning #001

Sturmers flew through the asteroid field. The white blue fires coming from the ships’ engines left a layered trail in the eyes of any viewer. Like insects they darted between the asteroids. With tremendous speed they approached a convoy of ships at the other end of the asteroid field. As the four ships exited the cloud of space rocks, they were caught on the convoy’s radar systems, though not in time.

Each of the Sturm ships unleashed dozens of missiles before turning back from where they came. No sounds left the throats of the thousands that died in this raid. A few of the convoy’s yakt ships tried to hunt down the perpetrators, but the sturmers were long gone.

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