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Tiny Birds!

I have a window faceing my backyard right next to me when I am sitting at the computer. So therefore I look out through it quiet often, just to see what is going on in “the real world”.

On my backyard we have a smallish apple tree which is tremendously popular among the tiny birds, such as great tits, bluetits, house sparow, nuthatch, squirrels (I know they are not technically birds, but the seem to get along well (the squirrels and birds) with them and they might feel left out if I did not include them) woodpeckers and a few others. What I have noticed is that these tiny birds seem to be in a dire need of knees. They cannot walk like normal critters of the forest, instead they jump around like tiny little feathery rabbits. But rabbits can unlike the little birds actually walk and not only propel themselvs forward on the ground by jumping.

It baffels me. Even magpies, which indeed are capabel of walking (I have seen them) almost always resort to jumping around. Is this some sort of conspiracy against us walking creatures? There have even been times when a great tit has flew up and sat on my window sill and looked at me, like I am the weird one because I walk instead of jumping.


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