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Dota rant thingy

So a friend showed me this:

I think this gear piece exists in the game (though I am not 100% sure) and it makes me… dissapointed. Showing cleavage in games or other media is not a necessarily a problem or something that bothers. But why this dissapoints me is because I am sure this piece of gear (and maybe the whole set) is just made for titilage (is that a real word?). Luna wears a full body spandex normaly, so that she gets a sleek form. Yes, that spandex showes of some of her curves, but I would not say they enhance them nor do they put a focus on them. In fact, it is hard to see much of luna, except her faboulus hair, shield and her proud mount Nova. You do see her face in the HUD when you click her but other than that you never see her body during a match.

So why even create gear to make her more sexual? You will not be abel to see it, unless you zoom in. Why make a character that is not sexy, sexy? It feels like that diminishes Luna from the proud and capabel warrior to some randome “cookie-cutter-femal-fantasy-warrior-used-for-advertisment-character”. And if someone really thinks Luna needs a sexy-set, can they not at least make it look uniqe instead of makeing her look like just another sexy-fantasy-warrior.


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