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Stupid me

I’ve made a few posts that were part of a story I wanted to tell. What I didn’t realize whilst making it was that I should have made a lot of material beforehand, so if something happens it won’t just stop. Therefore I plan to retry it, but this time having many posts already completed so that you, the readers have something to look forward to, plus it gives me a bit more breathing room.


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Why do we use metaphors? We could just plainly state what we want to say or write. “He kissed the girl”

See, that wasn’t so hard. Now there is no confusion. But seriously, why do we use them. A metaphor could just become waste of space and ink in story, the bad ones at least. A good metaphor enhances events, or rather the description of them. If we take the example, “He kissed the girl” and add “like a mother kisses her child”, the kiss will be totally different.

We use metaphors to enhance a event/description/thingymajingy by calling upon a “common” source of knowledge. Another example: “His eyes, brown as a young doe’s, sparkled in the light”. So here I used a metaphor (or maybe it is a simile, not totally sure, English is hard sometimes) to describe the color of a person eyes. I could have written, light brown instead, but because I used “[…] as a young doe’s […]” I call upon a common source of knowledge. By common I mean knowledge that most people should know, just to clarify. A person who reads this will probably think that his eyes are very beautiful and maybe innocent looking, because of what we associate does with, now for another example, but this time of a “bad” metaphor.

“His eyes, brown as a cesspool, sparkled in the light”. If this was used to describe beautiful eyes… it failed miserably. It would probably be a bad metaphor to use in most situations when describing the color brown, unless of course you want a disgusting brown. Than it would be a good metaphor.

Why do I ask why we use metaphors? Because I think that you should question how things work, even if they are the right way to do something. ‘Cause if you do you might just learn something, like how metaphors work. Also I do it because I’m interested in storytelling and narrative and such fancy stuffs.

Enough of a detour, if we go back to the first example: “He kissed the girl”, this might seem like very plain thing to write. You could spice it up a notch or two by writing “He made love to her face with his orifice” or “He tasted her lips, warm with blood and sweet from cotton candy”. These two ways of writing “He kissed the girl” spice things up, creates some dynamic to the event and also sets a certain tone to the whole thing… and it is also the reason why “He kissed the girl” can be a very good way to describe the event. If for example, the story is from the “He’s” perspective and it just says: “He kissed the girl” and nothing more is added. It can give us readers something to think about and some smart depth. Was it so that he actually didn’t think the kiss was anything special, maybe he doesn’t love this girl that he kissed. That is the problem with writing, there is no right way to do things, how bothersome… well not really, but since no real “right or wrong” exist, how will you know that what you write is “right”? (Dunno, don’t care, give me more chocolate)

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Tiny Wooden Pieces

I like webcomics, not all of them cause I haven’t read all of them, but I like most webcomics I come across. They are often small bursts of fun/joy in a evergrowing ocean of information. Just a while ago I stumbled upon a webcomic which scratched a certain urge/craving which had mostly up till now been unfulfilled. A webcomic about board games and board gaming.

It is a little rough around the edges, but they’ve only been making it for about a year, but it might just be a diamond in the rough. I truly hope Tiny Wooden Pieces will gain popularity cause I think it has shown potential and it deserves a chance to grow. I therfore sacrifice a whole blog post for it gain some free PR.

(Heartpillow gained +2 Paragon points)


There might be another or many other webcomics about this specific subject but I haven’t found them nor looked for them, cause I’ve been busy.

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It was a little while ago I finished reading Joyland (2013) by Stephen King (he sure do have a cool surname). It was a good read, like all the other books I mentioned yet… (I need a bigger vocabulary (that or I am trapped in Newspeak)).

Well to be fair, it was okey. It was not bad, nor was it a book I would instantly recommend to a friend. So this book is a Murder Mystery, a fact I forgott about a third in to the book and then reminded of when only the last 50-70 pages was left. This might be an exaggeration but I did actually forget that the book was about a unsolved murder whilst reading it.

But is that bad? I do not know the to that answer. What I do believe is that if the murder mystery is meant to be the main point of the tale, you might want to push that plot point just a bit more. Though I should be honest, I have not read many murder mysteries so this might be more normal/common than I think it is.

Anyway! What this book do have is a story about growing up. The transition between late teens to grown up life. Which is why it was fun to read, since King knows how to do those kind of stories. How he uses a few “time jumps” to let us know what happens, later on, with characters even though it has “nothing” to do with the story (this is not something uniqe to King but he does it well). Also, I think King likes to have paranormal stuff in all of his tales, even if they are just used as a spice. So should you read it? If you are looking for a thrilling murder mystery, no. Looking for something Stephen King, yes I do think so. It is very Stephen-King-esque, the language, style, the kind of people you “meet”. It is not one of his best works (in my opinion) nor is it one of his worst. It is still King so if you are in to that, go forth I say. Lastly, if you like stories about growing up, you could read it.

(… I don’t even)

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Too many things

A “big” problem I face sometimes is when I want to write something, like a short story for example. When I finally sit down to do it, I often feel that I would rather write on something else. Too many ideas. Yes, this is me whining over my lack of focus. And if I just focus I know I can churn out a short story farily quickly, but not only do I often lack in focus. I also have the attention span of a five year old sometimes. But it is getting better. I just need to work on myself some more.

In other news! Someone from my hometown thought it was a good idea to drive a 60 ton truck out on a footbridge made out of wood (with a max capacity of 2 tons, which was written on signs near it). Why? Because his GPS told him to. Sometimes, just sometimes, people should not blindly follow their gadgets.

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Information and how to get it

At this moment in time I am doing a “paper”/”study” as my final thingymagingy at our equvilant to collage/univeristy. It is hard work, but not to bad. Even if it is not the most exciting thing to do it is still interesting. What is not interesting nor funny is searching for articles to use. Since you need to have references (apparently, I/me/myself is not a good enough reference). This is not as easy as it may sound. Sure, I have access to queit the amount of articles through the schools library but finding the right articles, that is a completly different beast. Some might think you just start the computer, go to the database and write in the search field what you are looking for. Well let me tell you something, you could not be farther from the truth good sir/lady. If you input what you are actually searching for, you will not get the articles you are looking for. Instead you will finde a myriad of articles about things that might be vaguely related to what you searched for. For example, you searched for “Bananas and health”, to find articles concerning the health effects of bananas. Instead you will be presented with things such as “Children with banana patterned cloth’s health issues from not drinking enough water” or “Health of walrus populations not eating bananan flavoured candy”. Yes these examples are a tad bit exaggerated but not overly so.

But when you finaly find an article that is relvent to your research you will encounter the next obstacle. Because all resulst given by the database’s search engine might not be availabel. To aquire the article you will too often have to resort to very advanced techniques of Google-fu or make deals with russian mobsters. That bothers me a lot, that information gets looked away. Of course, I should not complain too much, since I do have access to a lot of academic research and such through my school. But the information that I can not get I have to pay for, which might not be the biggest problem for me, since I live where I live and have it pretty good. Still, I would rather get it for free. But think about those from other parts of the world, who also have to pay for the school and their school might not be able to afford these databases. Those people have it even worse. So what is my point? Probably that some parts of the academic world is very unfair and sucktastic.

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