Inside out: SEE IT NAOW

I’ve seen Inside Out (2015) by Pixar twice now and each time was truly enjoyable. When I first saw it I only had the expectation to have a good time, since in my opinion Pixar seldom fails to entertain. I didn’t know that much about the movie but it seemed decent.

Boy or Girl, was I surprised. This is probably going to become one of my top ten movies, probs even top 3, maybe even right next to my number 1; Blazing Saddles.

Good family movies are more than just, bright colors, silly gags and amazing visuals (which Inside Out also have). A good family movie has relatable things for the whole family. This is a movie about acceptens, the importance of accepting loss, accepting of all your feelings and accepting change. This movie made me cry twice during it’s run time (four times due to the two viewings), but crying due to a movie is not something that makes it good. But in this case it is, ‘casue it knows how to touch your feelings and truly reached out to you.

Well that is my short, short opinion of it and I highly recommend all people to go see it. 10 out-a 10.

Poster found on zhe webs, do not own, plox don’t sue 🙂


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