The New Deal!

So when I started this blog it was as a test. A test to see if I can actually produce a piece of mostly coherent words each week…

Which I could! (Yay me :)) But I didn’t bother to make sure the posts had a good language i.e. not filled to the brim with spelling errors and grammatical faults.

Now I will try to start a new chapter of this blog, I want to put out something at least once a week, again, and I want to have good quality on my stuff. ‘Cause it is actually very fun to do this, it brings joy to my heart when I see that people have visited my site. I am especially proud of the LoL post about Ekko. It is true that I don’t know if people actually like it, but I think I did something right since it is the post with the most views.

I hope some, if not all, of you wish me luck on this new endeavor.


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