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Name that Chili

As I have mentioned before, I work in a store that sell flowers. We sell many kinds of plants and flowers and the assortment of products is constantly changing according to the season, with a few exceptions. Since we have so many different plants and flowers, I have not been abel to learn the name of all of them, I know the most populare ones, those I should know.

This is sometimes a problem, when customers during the checkout askes me what the name of the plant is. Since I have no clue I just feel ashamed and instead try to steer the conversation in another direction. Well today we got a new typ of chili plant and I can say right now: “I will never forget the name of it.”

My colleague showed it to me and said he had contacted the suppliers and asked them if there had been a mistake. Apparently, no mistake had been made… they just named it like that because of the apparence of the chili.

It isn't wrong... but still

Well it does have some semblance to one… but still.


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It was a little while ago I finished reading Joyland (2013) by Stephen King (he sure do have a cool surname). It was a good read, like all the other books I mentioned yet… (I need a bigger vocabulary (that or I am trapped in Newspeak)).

Well to be fair, it was okey. It was not bad, nor was it a book I would instantly recommend to a friend. So this book is a Murder Mystery, a fact I forgott about a third in to the book and then reminded of when only the last 50-70 pages was left. This might be an exaggeration but I did actually forget that the book was about a unsolved murder whilst reading it.

But is that bad? I do not know the to that answer. What I do believe is that if the murder mystery is meant to be the main point of the tale, you might want to push that plot point just a bit more. Though I should be honest, I have not read many murder mysteries so this might be more normal/common than I think it is.

Anyway! What this book do have is a story about growing up. The transition between late teens to grown up life. Which is why it was fun to read, since King knows how to do those kind of stories. How he uses a few “time jumps” to let us know what happens, later on, with characters even though it has “nothing” to do with the story (this is not something uniqe to King but he does it well). Also, I think King likes to have paranormal stuff in all of his tales, even if they are just used as a spice. So should you read it? If you are looking for a thrilling murder mystery, no. Looking for something Stephen King, yes I do think so. It is very Stephen-King-esque, the language, style, the kind of people you “meet”. It is not one of his best works (in my opinion) nor is it one of his worst. It is still King so if you are in to that, go forth I say. Lastly, if you like stories about growing up, you could read it.

(… I don’t even)

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A job offer #005

C’s neck and head hurt. She had been sprawled out on the couch in an upside down position since she woke up. Which she thought was three or four hours ago, by vaguely remembering the different shows she had seen. The day had started with C wanting to try things from a new angle, since it had been almost two months and she still had no job, and now she was watching TV upside down. As she turned back to sitting in a more normal position the feeling of phantom needles in her legs and finger tips slowly faded. She remained seated in the sunken in couch until the dizziness went away. Phil had informed her the day before yesterday that she needed to get a job ASAP or he would throw her out. C couldn’t blame him. She was a freeloader as it was.

After the first month of constantly getting a no as the reply to her job applications she surrendered. Since she couldn’t even get a job she didn’t want why even bother, was her train of thought. Once she had thought that particular thought, her quest for a new job had abruptly ended. All attempts from Phil to get C back on the job hunting track was all in vain. C knew this and she knew that it was the reason why she was about to be kicked out. Still, she could hardly care less. She had come to terms with the fact that she was going to become a greaser or rib, sleeping under one of the warm lights. Her compad jingled cheerfully to notify C that she had received a message.


WHAT part of “this is a scam” do you not understand?”

“No, no, no! This is not a scam. I know it looks like scam, but trust me you will get your money back.” C said while trying to sneak past Phil.

“Give back my cash card NOW!” yelled Phil and lounged towards C.

She deftly dodged past him and in the same motion tripped him. When had raced back out of his apartment, he was emptied of all positive emotions as he saw C hung up the wall phone.

“I owe you one.” C said and grinned big.

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