Too many things

A “big” problem I face sometimes is when I want to write something, like a short story for example. When I finally sit down to do it, I often feel that I would rather write on something else. Too many ideas. Yes, this is me whining over my lack of focus. And if I just focus I know I can churn out a short story farily quickly, but not only do I often lack in focus. I also have the attention span of a five year old sometimes. But it is getting better. I just need to work on myself some more.

In other news! Someone from my hometown thought it was a good idea to drive a 60 ton truck out on a footbridge made out of wood (with a max capacity of 2 tons, which was written on signs near it). Why? Because his GPS told him to. Sometimes, just sometimes, people should not blindly follow their gadgets.


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