Thoughts on things concerning play I think

The day before yesterday at a relatives birthday party I was speaking with a older second cousin. This cousin had her brought her children to celebratory gathering. They were 7 and 9 I believe and was playing on their Ipad a bit during the party. Anyway, this second cousin said that she thought it was funny that her children was playing with marbels. Just as she had done when she was a child. (I was about to write balls, which might have been fun, but then I decide to check for the correct translation)

The second cousin’s mother said that is was good that they were playing with marbles. Since she had also done so herself when young (so did I). But it got me thinking. Why was it that they thought it was so excellent to play with marbles?

Was it because the children had to be outside while doing it? Was it because they had saved their old marbel collections and and now the children could make sure that they were not gathering dust on some attic? Maybe it was because they, the grown ups, knew what marbels was and how to play with them so it created some kind of common connection between young and old?

I would guess it has a lot to do with the last one, naturally that is probably not the only reason, but I think it might be the main reason. Parents want to connect with their offspring and what better way than to do it through play? When playing, everyone becomes just another player, yes some might be more experienced players, but whilst playing you leave other rolles behinde. It is the same thing when I am playing cards with my grandmother. I do not think about our relation outside of the game while playing, neither is she. We just play and have a good time.


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