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Too many things

A “big” problem I face sometimes is when I want to write something, like a short story for example. When I finally sit down to do it, I often feel that I would rather write on something else. Too many ideas. Yes, this is me whining over my lack of focus. And if I just focus I know I can churn out a short story farily quickly, but not only do I often lack in focus. I also have the attention span of a five year old sometimes. But it is getting better. I just need to work on myself some more.

In other news! Someone from my hometown thought it was a good idea to drive a 60 ton truck out on a footbridge made out of wood (with a max capacity of 2 tons, which was written on signs near it). Why? Because his GPS told him to. Sometimes, just sometimes, people should not blindly follow their gadgets.


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Thoughts on things concerning play I think

The day before yesterday at a relatives birthday party I was speaking with a older second cousin. This cousin had her brought her children to celebratory gathering. They were 7 and 9 I believe and was playing on their Ipad a bit during the party. Anyway, this second cousin said that she thought it was funny that her children was playing with marbels. Just as she had done when she was a child. (I was about to write balls, which might have been fun, but then I decide to check for the correct translation)

The second cousin’s mother said that is was good that they were playing with marbles. Since she had also done so herself when young (so did I). But it got me thinking. Why was it that they thought it was so excellent to play with marbles?

Was it because the children had to be outside while doing it? Was it because they had saved their old marbel collections and and now the children could make sure that they were not gathering dust on some attic? Maybe it was because they, the grown ups, knew what marbels was and how to play with them so it created some kind of common connection between young and old?

I would guess it has a lot to do with the last one, naturally that is probably not the only reason, but I think it might be the main reason. Parents want to connect with their offspring and what better way than to do it through play? When playing, everyone becomes just another player, yes some might be more experienced players, but whilst playing you leave other rolles behinde. It is the same thing when I am playing cards with my grandmother. I do not think about our relation outside of the game while playing, neither is she. We just play and have a good time.

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Chappie: again

Here is a more in depth presentation of my thought of Chappie. If you, the reader, liked District 9, than you should go see this film. If you liked Elysium, than you should go see this film. Chappie has, at least according to me, more similariteis with District 9 than Elysium. Both in tone and feel. So what is this movie about?


It is a tale of parenthood. The basic main plot is that in Johannesburg, the police have started to use robots instead of humans. The robots are extremely efficient and the crime rate have dropped drasticly. The creator of the robots works for a weapons manufacturing company, and his dream is to create real artifical intelligence. Which he succesfully does. This leads to the creation of Chappie, the first robot with real AI. So why is it film about parenthood. This is because some gangster kidnapps the robot creator and takes Chappie from him. A conflict ensues between the creator and the leader of the gannsters concerning how Chappie should be raised.

This conflict is the main attraction of the film to me. To see how Chappie tries to live up to both his “fathers” expectations and also how he is so naive/innocent. Chappie feels like a child, trapped in a destructive family. (Those people that was in charge of Chappies movements and body language should have loads of credits. It looks so good and real)

At the same time, this part might be a weakness, for me it was not, but I can see how people might have wanted more moral dilemma about the fact that they created artifical life/artifical intelligence – that is on par with a human. Of course, their is a kind of moral dilemma, in how Chappies creator want Chappie to be a nice and kind art loving robot. On the other hand Chappie’s dad wants him to be a gangster and use him as a tool that can be thrown away.


So even if the film does not go super deeply into moral dilemmas and such, it is still one amezing ride. No one (that I know of and I do not know a lot) is as skilled in making their sci-fi films feel and look real as Neil Blomkamp (of the people working i film today). Their is some action in the film, but it is spares and when it is used, it is gritty and most excellently executed.

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Information and how to get it

At this moment in time I am doing a “paper”/”study” as my final thingymagingy at our equvilant to collage/univeristy. It is hard work, but not to bad. Even if it is not the most exciting thing to do it is still interesting. What is not interesting nor funny is searching for articles to use. Since you need to have references (apparently, I/me/myself is not a good enough reference). This is not as easy as it may sound. Sure, I have access to queit the amount of articles through the schools library but finding the right articles, that is a completly different beast. Some might think you just start the computer, go to the database and write in the search field what you are looking for. Well let me tell you something, you could not be farther from the truth good sir/lady. If you input what you are actually searching for, you will not get the articles you are looking for. Instead you will finde a myriad of articles about things that might be vaguely related to what you searched for. For example, you searched for “Bananas and health”, to find articles concerning the health effects of bananas. Instead you will be presented with things such as “Children with banana patterned cloth’s health issues from not drinking enough water” or “Health of walrus populations not eating bananan flavoured candy”. Yes these examples are a tad bit exaggerated but not overly so.

But when you finaly find an article that is relvent to your research you will encounter the next obstacle. Because all resulst given by the database’s search engine might not be availabel. To aquire the article you will too often have to resort to very advanced techniques of Google-fu or make deals with russian mobsters. That bothers me a lot, that information gets looked away. Of course, I should not complain too much, since I do have access to a lot of academic research and such through my school. But the information that I can not get I have to pay for, which might not be the biggest problem for me, since I live where I live and have it pretty good. Still, I would rather get it for free. But think about those from other parts of the world, who also have to pay for the school and their school might not be able to afford these databases. Those people have it even worse. So what is my point? Probably that some parts of the academic world is very unfair and sucktastic.

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The latest film from Neill Blomkamp (and all the other folks who made it, they should be in the credits), Chappie.

Was it good: Yes.

Would I watch it a second time: Yes.


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Spooky stuff

Last night I had a dream. In it I went to the grocery store and as I came to the check out and was about to pay, my mind went blank. I snapped out of it when the cashier asked me to input my code. But I could not. I just stood there and had some numbers that were not correct floating around in my head. I started to cry and ran from there without my groceries and tried to call home but I could not remember the number, then I woke up. But the most scary part was that when I was awake I still could not remember my own phone number, which is normaly so ingrained in my brain that I can say it at any moment, no matter what I do. Even when I was finaly abel to “remember” it, it was not the right number, it was almost the right number. So I had to check in my phone what the actual number was.

It was spooky and mind tearing.

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Jupiter Ascending

The latest creation from the Wachowski siblings. So what did I thought of it. Meeh~

I was not bored while watching it, but I was indifferent. I would have been fine with watching it at home when it is released on DVD instead of watching at a cinema. So was everything bad about it. No, I would not say that and I am sure that some people will enjoy it a lot more than I did. For one, it has many niecly choregraphed action sequences, which you would expect from a Wachowski film. The aesthetic design of the space ships, space clothes and such was very enticing for the eye. Why I did not like it stems from the fact that our protagonist, or at least the main character Jupiter (played by Mila Kunis) was not needed through out most of the film. She could have just as easily been replaced by a rock or just been kidnapped like Princess Peach in the Super Mario games. It is true that the plot revolved around her being the rightfull heir of space things (do not want to spoile the specifics) but she was never allowed to act against the powers that threatend her. She has one moment near the ending when she is the person taking action against “the enemy”/antagonist, the rest of the time it is Channing Tatum’s character (which I cannot remember the name of) who does all the actions to defy and go against the antagonist. Yes, Jupiter is a damsel in distress, and a sexy lampost, which makes me so sad. Because I believe Mila Kunis is a good actor and that she could have made a great performance if her character was allowed some action. The character is just passive.

To me the movie would have been better if it had focused on Channing Tatum’s character and had the same plot. Or if they reworked the plot all together.

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