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Apartment #004

When her compad had been vibrating for what she guessed was 20 minutes she reluctantly left the comfort of the bed. Her cloths felt sticky and sweaty as she rose and walked over to the table, she felt severely unclean.

¤Heard you need a place to sleep. I have some room to spare if you are interested, send me a message if you want to crash her or else I’ll let a greaser move in ; ) Phily¤

Maybe things could work out if the luck continued like this, she thought sending a reply message. She opened the sliding door to her wardrobe and lifted down two boxes. She had hoped not to see them again so soon, the two boxes that was more than enough to contain her life.

When she had finished packing the boxes she threw her dirty clothes in one of them before stepping into the bathroom. Hopefully they had not yet turned off the liquid. She did not fancy the thought of going to Phil’s place, being sticky and stinking. Just because she was on the edge of becoming a rib or greaser did not mean she had to start living like them. She wanted to prolong her clean days as much as possible. The pipes rattled as the cleaning liquid came out. It was lukewarm, as always. C let her mind wander while scrubbing of the last few days’ sweat and dirt.

With a great feat of dexterity C managed to ring the bell to Phil’s apartment without dropping one of her boxes. They were not heavy, but all the more cumbersome.


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Rules and exceptions

”Give me a rule without any exceptions and I shall regard it as my God.”

– Me while in the shower

There is no rule without an exception. Rules and laws that don’t have exceptions are boring. Almost everything is governed by some laws or rules, games are (both digital and analog), society, school, cars, nature, gravity, the government and many many more things.

I am mostly coming at this from a game perspective. Because what I have experienced is that most rules become a lot more interesting when there are exceptions or ways to break it.

For example: In Dota 2, when someone uses a Black King Bar (BKB) they become impervious to magic damage and they cannot be targeted by magic abilities. But if the hero Lina has Aghanim’s Scepter she can target the player using BKB with her ultimate ability and she will deal damage. (You could probably argue that she is not technically breaking any rule since her damage type is changed to a valid type and therefore should be able to damage a BKB user.)

Another example is in Monopoly. Normally you are only allowed to move forward when you roll the dice. But if you land on certain spaces you can get cards that move you forward. These exceptions or “breakings” shake things up and often creates, but not always, more interesting interactions in a game. This is a very good thing, since interactions are one of the building stones of games. If there would have been no way to interact with a BKB user than the item would be “boring” since the number of interactions would be diminishingly few. Interaction is what separates games from other media. And a law/rule that you cannot interact with is not a law/rule as much as it is a fact you have to abide to.

Even in real life we have exceptions. The police are allowed to carry guns; the common populace is not (in many parts of the world, not all parts of it). This is probably not because someone thought it would create interesting interactions between society, life and authority, but to help the law enforcement enforce the laws. But just like in games, what is interesting is how the “players” (those who have to follow the laws) can and will work around the limits created by laws, but also how they will exploit weaknesses in laws and society. Some the workarounds are illegal and/or downright immoral, despite that, people will always try to interact with rules/laws and use them to their advantage. It is a good thing that they do that, since it helps us to see what might be wrong or need fixing with a rule/law. It makes sure that the “playfield” (read laws) keeps changing along with the world and society it is supposed to reflect and uphold.

There is no rule without an exception.

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Dota rant thingy

So a friend showed me this:

I think this gear piece exists in the game (though I am not 100% sure) and it makes me… dissapointed. Showing cleavage in games or other media is not a necessarily a problem or something that bothers. But why this dissapoints me is because I am sure this piece of gear (and maybe the whole set) is just made for titilage (is that a real word?). Luna wears a full body spandex normaly, so that she gets a sleek form. Yes, that spandex showes of some of her curves, but I would not say they enhance them nor do they put a focus on them. In fact, it is hard to see much of luna, except her faboulus hair, shield and her proud mount Nova. You do see her face in the HUD when you click her but other than that you never see her body during a match.

So why even create gear to make her more sexual? You will not be abel to see it, unless you zoom in. Why make a character that is not sexy, sexy? It feels like that diminishes Luna from the proud and capabel warrior to some randome “cookie-cutter-femal-fantasy-warrior-used-for-advertisment-character”. And if someone really thinks Luna needs a sexy-set, can they not at least make it look uniqe instead of makeing her look like just another sexy-fantasy-warrior.

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Fire Emblem: Awakening (the dating sim)

I have been playing Fire Emblem: Awakening for awhile (still have not finished it). It is a fun strategy game, with interesting characters that you grow to love… and love is the word I have been focusing on lately while playing it.

During battles you can have two characters team up while fighting, to make their attacks stronger and also bolster their defenses. The more two characters team up, the more fond they will become of each other. Each time the “fondness level” between two characters reaches a ceratin point, the support bonus they get from teaming up with each other increases and you as the player is treated with a short dialouge interaction between the two characters. If one character is a female and one is a male you can make them fall in love, which will result in marriage and things.

This game is no longer about a struggle to decide the fate of the world when I play it, it is about me being a puppet master trying to create the perfect couples and seeing love fill the air.

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Slang is quiet interesting. How words within a language can be created and “only” exist in a certain geographical area or within a certain group of people, based on their profession or social status. It is fascinating that the language can be “changed” like that to suite local needs. It enriches a language and it is fun to delve into the origin of slang words, since it can sometimes teach you a lot about notions that might have been or are still present in society.

It can also be confusing. Very. Confusing.

As an outsider you might feel completly alienated when everyone around you start using slang words wich you are not familiar with. Especially the words that you cannot figure out just from the context of the rest of the conversation.

I have had a few experiences like that, where I found my self completly lost on what people were talking about. The most recent one was when people were talking about meeting up in the “Bamba”. I could not understand or guess what they were talking about. At first I thought they might be refeering to a place in town that was called “Bamba”. Then I wondered if they just used a very weird nickname for the library (in my language library is called “Bibliotek”). Even though I could have just asked one of them what “Bamba” was, I did not. But I was afraid of makeing myself look like a fool since I figured out I was the only person in the group who did not know what “Bamba” was. Instead I just went with the flow. It was about two weeks later that someone told me when I had gathered the courage to ask about “Bamba” that I was told it was slang for the school cafeteria. Oh how emberessed I felt.

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This post is not that interesting, nor is it satisfying to write. The reason behind this post is that I recently did quick fix on some earlier posts (the ones with the categorie “C”). What I did was fix some small spelling errors and gramatical errors.

I will continue doing fixes like that, since they are small and nothing of the original content was changed or lost. This might be common practice on a few blogs. I do not know, but I just want to be open with what I am doing. So no one will be abel to call me cheater since I am open with my methodes.

But do not worry, you will be abel to finde spelling mistakes and gramatical errors in my old and new posts since I will most likely be to lazy to go through them all. Also, I just realized I might be using categories wrong. I think that I am using them more like tags.

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