Elevator #003

“You know that I would have employed you if this place had been better off.” said Drake.

“I know Drake, you don’t have to repeat it.” C answered tiredly.

“And contact me if you can’t find some other place to sleep.” said Drake as he closed the entrance on her.

C knew she wouldn’t be hearing from Drake for a while. Kind words often came out of his mouth, but actual actions that you would suppose to come with the words spoken were seldom to be found. Outside of the arcade a few ribs were huddled together under a dirty piece of cloth. At the moment in a state of sleep.

Their emaciated faces sent shivers through C as she looked up on them. She had seen too many people ended up like that.

The elevator station was empty at the late hour she arrived. She put five coins in the machine; the sound of the coins disappearing in the depths of the machine was followed with the illumination of buttons. More buttons illuminated for each coin counted by the machine. “Five coins counted, fortunately” she thought before pressing the button numbered 56.

The station looked especially dirty during the morning hours, when only the sickly orange lights of the low numerals were alight. As the elevator climbed above 52 she felt more at home. A few stores had already lit their neon lights. The combination of loud colors soothed her retinas.

As she entered her apartment it dawned on her. How dire the situation actually was. All energy left in her vanished and she stumbled over to the bed for some sleep.


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