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Christmas Celebration

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, the day when I celebrate Christmas since I live where I live. Christmas is something that almost everyone in the west celebrates and you can do it in many different ways.

If you are in to role playing (the table top kind) and have a few friends that also role play you could during the Christmas holidays play a christmas themed short campaing over just one or two sessions. The goal of the adventure could be to save christmas, either by stoping something that disturbes it like a murderer or evil magican. You could also, if you are not the greatest of Christmas fans, have the adventure goal to stop Christmas, by killing Santa Clause, destroying a christmas tree.

Another way to celebrate Christmas is to go out and play in the snow if you have any, otherwise you can subsitute snow with sand, mud, rocks or whatever might be easiest to atain.

Happy Christmas everybody!!!


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Board game tip #2

Sometimes you might only have a few minutes to play a game. Sometimes you would like to play a game where “real life” knowledge is what mainly decides the winner. Then do I have a game for you 😉

The game I am talking about is Timeline, which can be played by 3 – 8+ players. The higher the amount of players, the harder it gets (kind of). So what is it all about, well the goal is simple. At the start of the game each player is dealt four cards and the first one to get rid of all their cards win. On their turn the active player plays one of their cards and then the turn is passed on. Simple and elegant.

What makes this interesting is that you cannot play your cards however you choose, you must play them so it creates a Timeline. Each card depictes an invention, event, discovery or other important historical thingies. One card could be the discovery of America, another might be the invetion of the lightbulb.

When the game begins a singel card is placed in the timeline, the first player chooses one of their cards and places it either before or after the start card and checks if he/she placed it right in comparsion to the first card. If the player placed it right, it stays in the timeline and the player is one step closer to victory, If placed wrongly, the card is discarded and the player gets a new card. As the game continues, the timeline just grows and it gets harder and harder to place cards right since they must be placed so that they are right on the timeline according to all the other cards.

Takes about 15-30 minutes to play and is very casual. It is also a great game since everyone can play it and people like games where they can show off their cunning.

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Elevator #003

“You know that I would have employed you if this place had been better off.” said Drake.

“I know Drake, you don’t have to repeat it.” C answered tiredly.

“And contact me if you can’t find some other place to sleep.” said Drake as he closed the entrance on her.

C knew she wouldn’t be hearing from Drake for a while. Kind words often came out of his mouth, but actual actions that you would suppose to come with the words spoken were seldom to be found. Outside of the arcade a few ribs were huddled together under a dirty piece of cloth. At the moment in a state of sleep.

Their emaciated faces sent shivers through C as she looked up on them. She had seen too many people ended up like that.

The elevator station was empty at the late hour she arrived. She put five coins in the machine; the sound of the coins disappearing in the depths of the machine was followed with the illumination of buttons. More buttons illuminated for each coin counted by the machine. “Five coins counted, fortunately” she thought before pressing the button numbered 56.

The station looked especially dirty during the morning hours, when only the sickly orange lights of the low numerals were alight. As the elevator climbed above 52 she felt more at home. A few stores had already lit their neon lights. The combination of loud colors soothed her retinas.

As she entered her apartment it dawned on her. How dire the situation actually was. All energy left in her vanished and she stumbled over to the bed for some sleep.

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What is a door? It is a entrance and divider into certain areas.

Why do we have doors? To have a filter, a gate, a way to stop certain things to enter or leave.

We all have doors.

Sometimes the number of doors grow and sometime they shrink.

We also have keys. Keys are for opening doors.

Every person you met are give a key. Some keys are nothing more than a prop, since they cannot open any doors. But most keys can at least open one or two of your doors.

I have been afraid of giving out keys or giving out keys leading to dead ends or nasty places.

This I regret, profundly. Since it has hurt people dear to me.

Now I am standing here, waiting for those who have been hurt, with a master key in hand.

Ready to entrust it to someone important.

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More about rollplaying

So I am the GM/DM/ST in a Dungeon & Dragons campaign, though at the moment it is on a hiatus (the majority of players have a busy schedual this month), this task is very entertaining. Because of the freedom and responsibility you get. It is also funny to see how the players react to the situations you throw at them.

Where I am going to take this post I do not know at the moment of writing, I just know I wanted to write a bit more about rollplaying.

I have a confession to make… I am a rule junkie or rule addict. Not that I think all rules in a RPG system must be followed by the letter, but because I really like to read rules and see how different systems, be it RPGs or board games, manage different mechanics. I do not have much first hand history with the different iterations of Dungeons & Dragons, most of the stuff I know about the older versions is stuff I have been told. But I do know, when comparing the latest edition of Dungeons & Dragons with the other RPG systems that I have read and played, that this system is very streamlined and hassle free.

For instance, how do they solve a situation where someone should get a bonus on their roll? The could have used a number modifier, but the problem with number modifiers for the GM is how big the number should be. The way they solve situations in which a person has a advantage or disadvantage is that the character simply roll the d20 two times. If they have an advantage, they use the higher of the two result and if they have an disadvantage they use the lower one.

This method is makes it very easy for the GM to give out a bonus or unbonus to people when they make a skill check. It is true that this method is more random then a number modifier but with this method the GM does not need to create a appropriate number to the task, which can be very hard and some players might argue that the number is too low or high. This method is also very smooth, since it does not requier more math, which the other version does. It is not much math/counting, but it is more. Now you just check which number is higher/lower and use it. I would also say that it might be more fair to the “narrative” and creates tension. Just because a person has a clear advantage does not necessarily mean they will be able to use or even think about it. Even when you have a advantage you could still roll two fours for example, but with a number modifier, certain numbers/outcomes are not possible to achive.

Plus it is really fun to roll a d20.

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Evicted #002

C sat alone in the dimly lit arcade at a sticky table. The LED lights on the arcade cabinets shone in neon like colors, painting the interior of the building with a bleak rainbow-puke carpet. A few kids and ribcages still lingered at some of the more popular cabinets, staring with wonder filled eyes and hollow faces at the screens. All of them spending their hard earned coins trying to achieve something as fleeting as a high score, that would be conquered a few days later. C did not look down upon them, she had spent way too much time herself trying to fill her now very empty schedule with the digital worlds presented in every cabinet. Her tag was still in the top ten in every game. She needed a new way to pass her time.

Drake came over to her table and gave C a scratched and dented can filled to the brink with an orange fluid. She looked at it reluctantly. It was a super nova of sweetness which most often left her with persistent headache, but it would be rude to decline. As she contemplated whether to just ignore the drink or at least sip on it a little Drake pulled out a chair and sat down.

“So how’s it going with the job search? Not that I’m bothered with you being here every day. It helps filling my coffers.” Drake said smugly.

“Not great. There are vacant jobs, but not any that are for me.” she answered back.

“Well sometimes you need to lower your standards. The station is always in a need of grease rats.” he said trying to be comforting.

“Yeah but I am no grease rat. I don’t want to crawl around in air ducts like those ribs over there. It is below me!” she spat out angrily.

C’s compad played a single tone and came to life with a bright light piercing the darkness in the room. She had received a message. It was from her landlord. The only word that stuck with her from reading the message was “evicted”.

“As I said, you need to lower your standards.” said Drake.

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“So what are we playing for?”

“I don’t know, any suggestions?”

“Yeah… how about life? My life.”

“I could work with that. Since it is your life, you’ll get the honor to begin.”

“A six. Safe for at least one round.”


“Six again! Lucky me.”



“Five, strike one.”




“Six, strike two.”


“Five, strike three. You’re dead”

“Well it was nice playing with you. Can we play again sometime?”

“Maybe… I wouldn’t mind. Try to stay away from me a bit longer this time.”

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