Where to buy a can of happiness

I think that I have always been kind of a happy person. I do not let the misery of the world and my enviorment affect me too much. In some ways I could be likened to a dog, always happy-go-lucky, changing from sadness to complete bliss. Sometimes I have thought that this happiness is part of who I am, of the mask, the persona I am showing to the world. That my identity would be lost if I was not constantly happy, and tried to drag everyone in to my viewing of “the world”.

But that is not true. Yes I am a happy person, it is easy for me to become happy. I am quick to laugh, but it is not who I am. This I realized in a harsh way as I was fighting with my own self image.

What I also have discovered is the fact that you should always be your own spring of happiness. It is true that for some people it seems impossible to be your own source of happiness and I do not want to anger people with this, but if you think about it, whom is the only person that will be with you through your entire life. The answere is you, yourself. Even the people that want to be with you for the reminder of your existans will eventually disappear or not be abel to help you up on your feet.

Suddenly everything became kind of sad… I do not think that a person should become some sort of island or fortress just because things that bring happiness to your life might disappear. But if you already are happy by yourself, the happiness that comes from other people will just be stronger and when life gets rough, you will be able to face the pain and suffering easier.

Happiness illuminates the darkness, the great big darkness that surrounds us. Of course we should cry and feel sorrow, but we shant let the darkness engulf us. When we all shine we shine strongly and chase away the darkness that might otherwise take us. So if can, shine, and even when you cannot shine, there will be a glimmer inside you, the light will come back.


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