Just finished reading 1984 (1949), also by George Orwell.

I’m not sure what I think of this book. It was a enjoyable read and food for thought. It is interesting to “see” the world Orwell created in 1984. How horribel and cruel it actually is. In the beginning of the book you do understand that Airstrip One is not a place wher you would like to live and you see understand to some extent the grandeur of the monotoring of the population. But it is not until the last part of the book you truly understand the true insanity of the system which the protaganist lives in.

If you are looking for a dystopian tale or a story that shows the “true” extrems of a surveillance society, than you should read this book.

What Orwell in my opinion truly succeds with in this story is the extinguishing of hope. All through out the story I was rooting for Winston, the protagonist, and hoped that he could have some kind of happy ending. Even when things turned sour (like 1pH) I stille hoped for some light at the end of the tunnel, that Winston would in some way be triumphant over the Party (the Party is the ruling body of Airstrip One and the rest of Oceania). But as the hope in Winston dies, so does it in yourself and (at least in me) a feeling of meaninglessness came over me.

I liked Animal Farm better then 1984, it might be because it is not as extrem nor as bleak. Not that I have anything against a bad/sad endning, but 1984 is very bleak in a special way.

Also, if you, the people who reads this would like to do a “pshycological experiment” try with a friend or two during one day only speak in newspeak. The “language” used by the Party in 1984.


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