To buy a board game or not

When I first started playing board games I also wanted to get some of my own. But a problem I faced was, how would I know if what I bought was any good or just a box that would collect dust after playing it once? What I did in the beginning was to look at a game for a very long time, to see if anyone else bought it. I also after a while found the website This helped me to some degree, but since I had not played many board games before, I could not tell by the reviews or comparisons to other games if the game truly was something for me. So often I took a leap of faith/followed my gut feeling, which luckily most often were excellent deals.

I am not sure where to go with this… But if you as person is wondering if board games is anything for you or what games might be good, I would recommend going to youtube and search for reviews or maybe watch table top. More people should play board games, cause they are fun, and it is a social experience. XD

So much rambling.


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