Movie tip #2

So my second recommendation for a film goes to a sci-fi film which might become a sci-fi classic in some years.

The movie I recommend is District 9 (2009). This film is to me a prefect example of sci-fi. Sci-fi according to me, should be about conveying a message, often one about social injustice, either of how something is or how something might become, by using a “future” scenario where you take the message to the extrem (cause in the future humans will be much crueler than today, obviously).

Those who have seen District 9 know, or should know, that it is an allegory for apartheid. More than that I won’t say in this post since I do not want to spoil it. (I think this movie is at its best when you watch it without knowing to much about its plot).

The film does some interesting things, as there is a clear first part and second part of the movie. The first part is documentryesque, showing the setting and introducing us to the world and main conflict. The second part, is more of a “normal” movie, where the focus on what is happening is never broken to fully drag us in to the events. This changing of the storytelling completely plays to the movie’s strenghts, in my opinion.


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