Movie tip #1

Here is a movie that I recommend! :DDDD

The Intouchables (2011) is a french film… which according to me is something bad… at least if we go back a few years. Now I know that the french are actually pretty good at making films and I do no longer exclusively watch action flicks.

Anyway, this movie is about the unlikely friendship between a rich, high-society, mostly paralyzed man and his caregiver (I think that is a word) who comes from the bad parts of town, commited some petty crimes and would most of all not want to work. So it has a basic “clash of two worlds” set up. But it rises far above many other such films in my opinion. Not sure why though. It might be because it is made very lovingly, it might be because it is french. But if you have about two houres of free time and feel like watching something that will make you feel good inside, then watch this film.

Also, the english name is really bad in my opinion, not that I like the original either which is “Intouchables”. Why I do not like the name is because it makes me think of a superhero movie and not the good kind of superhero movie.


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