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Regarding the last post

As I wrote the last post, I was not sure if I should publish it, since it was maybe a bit to nasty, or maybe not. I might just be blowing things out of proportion.

Today the lady and the boy returned to the store, I did not ask them what happend, if the boy was okey or not, but he did look okey if that makes any sens.

I have some plans on what to do next with my blog. So please stay tuned for more! 😀


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The dangers of a flower store

As I have mentioned in a previous post I work in flower store, I mostly do it in the weekends since I am studying at the same time. Today I learend the dangers of working in a store with a stone floor (do not worry I was not the person in pain) (WARNING, some nasty stuff at the end).

In the store part of the store, where we have all the flowers, we have a stone floor. This is good since it does not matter that much if a littel dirt/soil or water gets on the floor, since it is made out of stone, also stone is easy to clean. Dirt and water always ends up on this floor of stone, since it is in a flower store, and flowers need water and they need dirt, so it is not rocket science that some of the water and dirt ends up on the floor. But as stated before, it does not matter that much, since it is stone and stone does not break that easily and water and dirt does not “break”. At least not in the normal sense.

But other things also end up on the floor are vases, ornaments and pots. These things are not made for being dropped on hard surfaces, such as stone. So they often break, which is bad. Not only because it is a loss for us, but also because they splinter and can hurt people. I for one have already hurt my self when cleaning splinters of a fallen pot. Still, nothing actually happens to the stone floor, since it is hard and firm.

I have hurt myself on most things you can hurt yourself on in the store, flowers, papers, pots, bags of dirt. But I have not hurt myself on the stone floor. Well today I got to know how bad you can hurt yourself on it.

As I stood at the counter helping some customers I heard the sound of a wailing child, this is not something complelty new to me, sometimes parents bring theire children with them and the children start fighting which often results in the crying or wailing of a child. So I did no react that much to this sound. But the wailing did not stop and I did not hear any parents telling a child to stop fighting/bullying theire sibling. Still I did not think about it that much. Suddenly, a parent with her child in hand cuts through the queue and places her basket with flowers on the counter and says “I have to leave this her, my son knocked out his theet and is bleeding”. Then I see her son, about four to six years old holding a white napkin to his mouth, It has a warm and deep red growing larg spot on it and is pressed against his upper jaw. Later on, as I am returning the unbought flowers to their shelf, I see a red splotch on the stone floor. The stone floor is hard and solid, much more so then a few milk teeth.

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Tiny Birds!

I have a window faceing my backyard right next to me when I am sitting at the computer. So therefore I look out through it quiet often, just to see what is going on in “the real world”.

On my backyard we have a smallish apple tree which is tremendously popular among the tiny birds, such as great tits, bluetits, house sparow, nuthatch, squirrels (I know they are not technically birds, but the seem to get along well (the squirrels and birds) with them and they might feel left out if I did not include them) woodpeckers and a few others. What I have noticed is that these tiny birds seem to be in a dire need of knees. They cannot walk like normal critters of the forest, instead they jump around like tiny little feathery rabbits. But rabbits can unlike the little birds actually walk and not only propel themselvs forward on the ground by jumping.

It baffels me. Even magpies, which indeed are capabel of walking (I have seen them) almost always resort to jumping around. Is this some sort of conspiracy against us walking creatures? There have even been times when a great tit has flew up and sat on my window sill and looked at me, like I am the weird one because I walk instead of jumping.

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Where to buy a can of happiness

I think that I have always been kind of a happy person. I do not let the misery of the world and my enviorment affect me too much. In some ways I could be likened to a dog, always happy-go-lucky, changing from sadness to complete bliss. Sometimes I have thought that this happiness is part of who I am, of the mask, the persona I am showing to the world. That my identity would be lost if I was not constantly happy, and tried to drag everyone in to my viewing of “the world”.

But that is not true. Yes I am a happy person, it is easy for me to become happy. I am quick to laugh, but it is not who I am. This I realized in a harsh way as I was fighting with my own self image.

What I also have discovered is the fact that you should always be your own spring of happiness. It is true that for some people it seems impossible to be your own source of happiness and I do not want to anger people with this, but if you think about it, whom is the only person that will be with you through your entire life. The answere is you, yourself. Even the people that want to be with you for the reminder of your existans will eventually disappear or not be abel to help you up on your feet.

Suddenly everything became kind of sad… I do not think that a person should become some sort of island or fortress just because things that bring happiness to your life might disappear. But if you already are happy by yourself, the happiness that comes from other people will just be stronger and when life gets rough, you will be able to face the pain and suffering easier.

Happiness illuminates the darkness, the great big darkness that surrounds us. Of course we should cry and feel sorrow, but we shant let the darkness engulf us. When we all shine we shine strongly and chase away the darkness that might otherwise take us. So if can, shine, and even when you cannot shine, there will be a glimmer inside you, the light will come back.

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Board game tip#1

So I would like to recommend a board game. This is a rather popular game (as far as I know) so if you humble people whom might be reading this already know about the game and have played it, do not hate on me cause I am recommending something you already like 😉

Pandemic is the name of the game I recommend. In it, the players all take the rolles of a team put togheter to save the world from diseases. It is a cooperative game, so no one will feel left out, and you either lose or win together.

As you are trying to discover cures for the four different diseases, you have to not only fight against the time, you have to make sure there are not to many epedemics which would create global panic and also stop to many people geting sick from the same disease. So you can lose in three different ways, but you only win through one condition, finding the cure to every diseas.

This game is good as a introductory game I believe, since everyone is one the same team and it takes roughly about and hour or an hour and a half to play one session. Might be a bit faster. The core game only allowes up to four people, but each expansion ads one more player, to a total of six with both. The rules are simple, and it is easy to get the hang of the game after one or two sessions. This is a game about managing resources and stratecig planning, so it might not be for everyone, but I have yet to meet someone who does not like it.

It is also worth to mention that this is a hard game and randomness might make you lose, but completing the challange of finding the cures are a worthy one, which feels great to achive. (You can also change the difficulty of the game if the “normal”-setting is to easy)

So if you and three friends would like to save the world from being overrun by diseases or fail horrendously together, than stop reading this and start playing the game.

To make the game a bit more fun you should also name each of the four different diseases.

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Newspeak: How to be good

In my last post I spoke a little about the book 1984, I also gave you readers an “exercise. Too speak Newspeak for a whole day.

Newspeak is a way to mentaly control people, it further enhances the idea that “If you control the past, you control the future”. In 1984, the Party (the bad guys) is constantly changing all records of past events, they have a whole department only working on with this, to make sure that the Party is never wrong. For exempel, they say that they are at war with Eastasia and allies with Euroasia, but when the alligences change, the change all the records so that they are at war with Euroasia and allies with Eastasia.

But retconning everything constanly, people can only use their memory to prove things were different. But memories can fade, and when written recrods and the ruling body states that you are wrong how can you be sure that you actually are not wrong? So what does all this retconning actually do, it makes it impossible for people to compare things. Which is the main purpous of Newspeak (according to me).

In newspeak, the word bad does not exist. What does exist is the word good. But people will still want to say that things are bad, so how do they do that if they cannot say bad. They say it is “ungood” and if it is something very bad you say “doubleplusungood”. If something is better than good it is “plusgood” and if it is even better it is “doubleplusgood”. What happens is that there is no way to actually differentiat between the different good and “ungood”. If something is good, well then it is good. But good is in and of itself a very “broad word”, good can range from “it was okey” to “it made me feel excellent”. But they do have ways to strenghten the word good. Yes, that is true, but how much better is “plusgood” than good? I do not know. Or how much better is “doubleplusgood” than good? It is better than “plusgood” but that does not help us at all, since the word good is to vauge and it makes it impossible to compare the “goodness” of things.

The same thing happens with “ungood”. What is “ungood”, well it is not good, but it is not necessarily bad. “Ungood” can be “it was okey”. So when you suddenly cannot truly compare things, everything just becomes a kind of gray indistinguishable mass. If I had seen a movie that feelt like throwing my money into a fire and had to express that in newspeak, I could only say it was “doubleplusungood”. Which is worse than “ungood” but whom ever I said it to could not really figure out how much I disliked it. And in the end, you would become mad since it is impossible to compare things.

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Just finished reading 1984 (1949), also by George Orwell.

I’m not sure what I think of this book. It was a enjoyable read and food for thought. It is interesting to “see” the world Orwell created in 1984. How horribel and cruel it actually is. In the beginning of the book you do understand that Airstrip One is not a place wher you would like to live and you see understand to some extent the grandeur of the monotoring of the population. But it is not until the last part of the book you truly understand the true insanity of the system which the protaganist lives in.

If you are looking for a dystopian tale or a story that shows the “true” extrems of a surveillance society, than you should read this book.

What Orwell in my opinion truly succeds with in this story is the extinguishing of hope. All through out the story I was rooting for Winston, the protagonist, and hoped that he could have some kind of happy ending. Even when things turned sour (like 1pH) I stille hoped for some light at the end of the tunnel, that Winston would in some way be triumphant over the Party (the Party is the ruling body of Airstrip One and the rest of Oceania). But as the hope in Winston dies, so does it in yourself and (at least in me) a feeling of meaninglessness came over me.

I liked Animal Farm better then 1984, it might be because it is not as extrem nor as bleak. Not that I have anything against a bad/sad endning, but 1984 is very bleak in a special way.

Also, if you, the people who reads this would like to do a “pshycological experiment” try with a friend or two during one day only speak in newspeak. The “language” used by the Party in 1984.

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