Story: In le flower shop

I have worked in a flower shop a little. There I worked as a cashier, which have given me a new perspective on life and also loads of more respect for people working in stores.

One day, it was just a regular day at the store, not a busy day. I had just come back from lunch, it was a little bit empty in the store at the moment. So I was just casually daydreaming about what to do in my free time, when a man walks up to me. This man has a few roses with him. He puts them on the counter and says to me “Don’t you have any other flowers?”

I reply “What kind of flowers?”

He “Well, some other roses, these look kind of sad don’t you think?” while at the same time squeezing the bud on one rose. “They look a little wilted and dry.”

Me [short silence] “You do know that those aren’t real flowers, don’t you?”

He became silent briefly, as if to ponder what had just happend. “They aren’t? Do you have some real roses?”

Me “Yes, just go in through the sliding door over there.”

He came back with real roses the next time.


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