More Tannhäuser

What makes Tannhäuser such a great game according to me is that it has a lot of different interseting “modes” and decisions. Before a game begins you decide what faction you will be playing as, which in and of it self will affect a lot how you will play the game. After chosing your preferred faction you have to build a team that might be sufficant at dealing with the other players faction. Each faction have very different tactics and strenghts, so when chosing your team set-up you have to carfully think about what strategies the other player might use with that team, and also how to work around the other factions strenghts and your factions weaknesses.

When you have finally decided which characters to use in your team, you have to choose what equipment each character will be using in the game. To create a good team, you need to think about how each characters will interact with the rest of your team, but also how they will act against the enemy team. You might need to take a specific equipment pack to counter an enemy character and then equip another of your characters to work as a support for your counter character.

When playing everything is about positioning… almost. But positioning is very important, and the team that can secure/controll certain key points of a map will have a clear advantage. So even though Tannhäuser might look like just another ameritrash romp, I would never label it as such. It is true that it can be played more casually and then might seem like a game with a lot of flavour and little else, but as soon as you begin to think a little about strategy and how to combinate charactes equipment and abilities, you will see the depth that exists in it.


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