BOARD GAMES!!! Tannhäuser

If someone ever asked me the question: “What is the best game ever made LOL ROXOR 77 CAT?”

I would reply: “Tannhäuser my dear, Tannhäuser.”

Maybe not, but I do think Tannhäuser is a very good and interesting game (which sadly is no longer in print 😥 ). So some of you who reades this (who am I kidding, I do not have any readers, everyone is just too busy playing dota and spending time on facebook) might say: “Hey! I know about that game and it sucks, really bad. The rules are a mess!” and to that I can only reply: “Well, you are half right.”. The game was originally made by the french company Take On You, for short TOY and these guys and gals… I do not know what they were thinking. Because their version of the game was a total mess of rules and unbalanced shenanigans.

The version that I want to cheer for is the “re-release” made by Fantasy Flight Games, or FFG for short. When they aquired the rights to the game they did a complet overhaul of the rules, but some things could not be changed (Tala and the Matriarchy). The new game created by FFG, yes it was a new game if you ever played with the old rules and then with the new ones you would understand, was a thrilling tactical 2-player game of smal-scale skirmishes between the Union and the Reich in a alternate univers, in which the Great war was still going strong 1954. By the Great war I mean the first world war.

Yeah… so I did not explain why it was good, so therefore I will do that in another post 🙂


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