More Animal Farm

So as I mentioned in my previous post I liked the book Animal Farm and it helped me get a better understanding of the atroicities and cruelty that was the Sovjet Union. What happens in the book is that the animals of a farm one day rebel against the human owning it since they feel he abuses them.

Shortly after the rebellion/revolution the pigs which have learned to read becomes leaders for the rest of the animals and handels much of the planning, since they are the smart ones. This is were it quickly starts going south for the other animals. In the beginning of the revolution, the pigs try to teach the other animals how to read but most of the can not even learne the whole alphabet. Which makes it hard to read, why this is important is because after the animals had gotten rid of theire oppressor, they write seven commandments on the barn wall, which shall be the rules the animals shall live by.

But since only the pigs can read and they are the leaders, the ones with the power, the can abuse theire knowledge to fool the other animals. This is the part that really got to me, how the ones in power abused the other animals lack reading skills to slowly change the rules. And that kind of power abuse is according to me one of the worst kinds and it shows how powerful a tool knowledge is, especially against someone who does not have any knowledge in the area or can not prove theire own knoweldge.

The sad part in the story is how the animals, which can not read, feel that something might have changed with the rules but since they can not read they simply have to trust the pigs and accept what they are saying.

So the moral of the story, it is bad being illiterate.


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