Sadness is something we all feel at different points in our life. It is almost as if sadness is an unstoppable force of nature, or like a nasty cold. You can’t escape it, only endure it. Who ever might read this, which right at the moment should be no one except me (I have not shared this magical place with anyone), will probably figure out that I am writting this because I am sad at the moment. Which would be a correct asumption.

But what I do know about sadness is that it will come to an end. Life does go on, even if I do not beilieve it right now. I have in fact survived great sadness before, even if it was not of this magnitude. Also, if you have friends, even if it is only online friends, they will help you get through the sadness, cause that is what friends do. But you have to tell them about your sadness first, or else they might get frustrated and leave you because they do not understand why you are acting so different/weird.

So why do I write tips and trixs about sadness? Because it helps me a little, it eases the pain and also I want to practice my english 😛


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