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Dice are small physical generators of random. You could say chance, but it is often used when the outcome might be positive. Random on the other hand is just that, random. It might be a 7, it might be a 1 or it might not even be a number. It could be a frog.

What was it that made humans decide that they needed some kinde of object to determin randomness and chance? It might be the games fault, since many games old and new have a element of randomness.

You could think of our univers as a die, that has been rolled for an endless amount of time which resulted in our reality. The nice thing about random is that even though it is random, if looked upon in a great span of time, it will not be that random and results will repeat them selvs.


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A Marvellous future

So yesterday, I think, Marvel decided to open the gates on their dam of secrets and released upon us a tidal wave of movie news. They confirmed so many things, such as a civil war inspired film, a black panther film and infinity war inspired films. It was truly a good wave to be swept a way by. I think you can still hear the cries of joy from people still submerged in the wave.

I do not know what to say my self about these news, except that I feel warm and fuzzy inside by thinking of them. 🙂

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Role play: Dungeons and Dragons and bad GMs

I am a GM for a DnD campaign. We are using the latest version of DnD, 5 edition/Next. It is actually a quite lovely set of rules. When I picked it up I did not rely know what to excpect from it since a few of my friendes had told my about DnD 3.5, which judging by their stories is broken. Horrendously broken.

Many role playing games often have a few things that are not balanced, but it will not matter most of the time since it might be something the players can not acquire until very high levels and by then everything is unbalanced… which also is not that good now that I think about it.

Anyway what I wanted to write about was a story from another friend. This friend have only role played once and I understand why he has only done it once. Because his GM was frankly put an asshole. This GM, who had role played many times before had gotten the wonderful opportunity to introduce a bunch of people, one of them my friend, to the wonders of role playing. This GM did a few key mistakes which lead to this group of people never wanting to role play again.

The first mistake was to not leting the players play whatever they wanted, which was not that big of a mistake or problem (and yes I would probably also have limited new players in their choices for the first time playing) but this GM did not explain to the group suficantly why they could not play whatever they wanted. Instead he just told them they could not be certain classes wihtout any explanation.

Secondly, he used Eon (3 edition I beilive). This might stirr some hate and anger but from what I have experinced Eon is a very clunky system and it takes ages to just create a character. I am sure that there are good things about Eon, but I would say that it is not good for beginners, since it is very complicated and the start up/set up is very slow for a new group. Also since they randomde moste of the character creation some of the characters became way to overpowered. One of them started with “the best bow in the game” which was used to prevent two of the GM’s encounters. The enemies was killed before the rest of the group could even see them by the character with eagle vision and Bow +5.

Thirdly, the GM played the game as if his group was a very experienced group, AKA hard mode. You should never use hard mode on a group completely made up of beginners since they do not know the power of the GM. And even if you all had agreed on doing hard mode, the GM should still not play the game with hard mode. So what happened was that when nightfall came and the party decided to stop and sleep, the GM asked if they wanted to put anyone on guard duty, which they did not. Now you might be thinking, “AHA, so the GM stole all their equipment or captured them.” No, if he had only been that nice. Instead the GM just stated that since no one was on guard duty the whole party was killed in their sleep and they had to create new charactes.

YOU. DO. NOT. DO. THIS. KIND. OF. THING. AGAINST. BEGINNERS: Heck I would not even do it against a season group of players. What he should have done was to maybe steal some of their equipment and told them not to reapet that or just said that he would let them off the hook this first time, but next time, if they did not have a guard, bad things might happen. And yes, I can understand the value of hard lessons, but this was not a hard lesson, this was just pure unfun punishment and role playing should always be about fun. The GM is supposed to try to mka sure everyone is having a good time.

So the moral of the story is, do not be a stupid asshat. It will make people angry, sad and frustrated.

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Story: In le flower shop

I have worked in a flower shop a little. There I worked as a cashier, which have given me a new perspective on life and also loads of more respect for people working in stores.

One day, it was just a regular day at the store, not a busy day. I had just come back from lunch, it was a little bit empty in the store at the moment. So I was just casually daydreaming about what to do in my free time, when a man walks up to me. This man has a few roses with him. He puts them on the counter and says to me “Don’t you have any other flowers?”

I reply “What kind of flowers?”

He “Well, some other roses, these look kind of sad don’t you think?” while at the same time squeezing the bud on one rose. “They look a little wilted and dry.”

Me [short silence] “You do know that those aren’t real flowers, don’t you?”

He became silent briefly, as if to ponder what had just happend. “They aren’t? Do you have some real roses?”

Me “Yes, just go in through the sliding door over there.”

He came back with real roses the next time.

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More Tannhäuser

What makes Tannhäuser such a great game according to me is that it has a lot of different interseting “modes” and decisions. Before a game begins you decide what faction you will be playing as, which in and of it self will affect a lot how you will play the game. After chosing your preferred faction you have to build a team that might be sufficant at dealing with the other players faction. Each faction have very different tactics and strenghts, so when chosing your team set-up you have to carfully think about what strategies the other player might use with that team, and also how to work around the other factions strenghts and your factions weaknesses.

When you have finally decided which characters to use in your team, you have to choose what equipment each character will be using in the game. To create a good team, you need to think about how each characters will interact with the rest of your team, but also how they will act against the enemy team. You might need to take a specific equipment pack to counter an enemy character and then equip another of your characters to work as a support for your counter character.

When playing everything is about positioning… almost. But positioning is very important, and the team that can secure/controll certain key points of a map will have a clear advantage. So even though Tannhäuser might look like just another ameritrash romp, I would never label it as such. It is true that it can be played more casually and then might seem like a game with a lot of flavour and little else, but as soon as you begin to think a little about strategy and how to combinate charactes equipment and abilities, you will see the depth that exists in it.

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So many choices

I tried to decied what I was going to post about today, since there are some loos threads I could pick up. But I do not feel like doing that today. So instead I will be writing about something that is not connected to earlier posts.

Chocolat is awesome! Not only does it taste good, it also contains loads of things that are good for you… that is if you eat dark chocolat. Milk chocolat is not healthy, only tasty. Chocolat contains something that makes you feel a bit like you are in love and it also contains things that dogs should not eat. So if you are in love with a dog, do not share chocolat with it or give it chocolat as a token of affection. Since the dog might die if you do that.

I am planning on once again entering NaNoWriMo. A “competition” with the goal to write a novel of 50 000 words in one month. Last time a reached a little over 25 000 words, so I only need to be twice as productive as last time. How hard can that be 😉

Lastly, I have concluded that my friend who is studing to become a doctor is not always right in his medical sayings. For example, he said that it would be bad for anyone whose heart stopped. I disagree. If ar robot’s heart stopped, it would only become more logical and even more murderous, which if I am certin is only better for it, since robots should not have emotions. Emotions are for organic creatures.

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My clever trap

Featured image

All house gnomes loves “Julmust” and can not resist it if they see it.

Also, it is important to use a green rope since house gnomes can not

see green ropes.

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